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Started as a small publishing activity in the year 2002, VBRI Press has grown into a prominent publishing organization in no time. VBRI Press operates as a not-for-profit publication platform and is a known name in the world of scientific publications. After already having revolutionized the world of scientific publishing, VBRI Press, in the year 2010 started a journal called ‘Advanced Materials Letters’. Later, in the year 2016, further expanding its wings, VBRI Press started another journal called ‘Advanced Materials Proceedings’. These journals, along with the other publications of VBRI Press have been quite instrumental in connecting the scientific community and offering them an international platform to showcase their research and grab an audience for their hard work. The multiple journals and book series that VBRI Press publishes help the budding researchers to get access to the works of scientific elites and brilliant researchers from across the world. The core idea behind all our activities is to spread knowledge and take forward the world of science.

VBRI Press Publications

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Advanced Materials Letters

Advanced Materials Letters | VBRI Press Publications

Advanced Materials Letters (AML) is an open access international scientific journal published by VBRI. Started in 2010, AML has been publishing high quality peer-reviewed articles on material science, engineering, and technology for almost a decade now. The journal publishes all kinds of scientific materials like theoretical and experimental work, review articles, original research, discussions, and much more..

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Advanced Materials Proceedings

Advanced Materials Proceedings | VBRI Press Publications

Advanced Materials Proceedings (AMP) is another journal published by VBRI on a regular basis. Started in the year 2016, AMP has been a great source of information and knowledge for its readers. Publishing high-quality peer reviewed articles, AMP is a widely known name in the advanced materials and materials science community.

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Proceedings | VBRI Press Publications

VBRI also publishes peer-reviewed proceedings for the major events happening in the sphere of advanced materials and many other verticals. The proceedings published by VBRI in the past have proved to be a great source to make people develop a significant advance understanding of latest research and innovations in the field of materials science.

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Books | VBRI Press Publications

VBRI also publishes multiple book series that are based on recent developments in highly interdisciplinary fields. The books are published with an aim to spread awareness about the findings, new research, and progresses made in different branches of science and other fields. The volumes published in the past have gained enormous response from the readers and proved to be very beneficial for the scientific community.

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