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With the arrival of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the healthcare industry has seen some hope to cope up with the myriad of challenges that it faces. The emergence of the digital revolution aligns perfectly with the healthcare sector’s urgent need to improve the quality of services and deal with aging populations and chronic diseases. The advent of technologies like AI and IoT has generated a new paradigm and strengthened healthcare delivery. With a mountain of untapped potential still left in the healthcare industry, technologies like AI and IoT can enable humanity to counter every known disease and solve every problem of the healthcare sector. VBRI works extensively to develop solutions that can work on new-age technologies like cloud computing, AI, machine learning, etc. and help in the strengthening of the healthcare sector.

Smart Healthcare | VBRI Group
VBRI’s approach to smart healthcare

VBRI’s approach to smart healthcare:

Healthcare sector is of utmost priority to VBRI group. We offer an entire spectrum of services in the sector of healthcare. Not only does our team of technocrats develop solutions that can work with new technologies, but our research division is also dedicated to finding cures for various health issues. With our three primary targets being lifestyle diseases, cardiac diseases, and general healthcare, we strive to bring change in the equipment and methods and employ the latest technology. By developing new technological solutions, VBRI intends to create zero distance between health infrastructure and patients. Our work in this sector is with the vision of ensuring secure healthcare for the last man in the world. By amalgamating technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, VBRI intends to create infrastructure in which the services go to the patients and not the other way around!

Scope of smart healthcare:

The future of the healthcare sector is in the implementation of smart technologies and technical innovations. With challenges like increasing population and depleting resources, it is high time that the healthcare industry finds some permanent solutions. Although the implementation of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has already started, there is a long way full of possibilities yet to be explored. Technologies like IoT and AI are on an unprecedented rise. The future holds a key role to be played by these technologies in the development of healthcare systems. Tasks like tracing, tracking, and monitoring of patients are quite critical for good healthcare. Technologies like IoT and AI have a huge potential to improve these processes exponentially.

Scope of smart healthcare

Our offerings

mHospitals: A mini Hospital In Your Pocket
mHospitals: A mini Hospital In Your Pocket

mHospitals is a one-of-a-kind virtual hospital platform that VBRI has developed keeping in mind the convenience and comfort of the patient. With mHospitals app, your doctor is just a click away!

All you need to do is fill in details about your condition and you’ll be assigned a doctor from among hundreds of doctors registered with the app. You can chat with your doctor, video call, schedule a visit, get valuable diagnosis, and do so much more and still be in the comfort of your home. mHospitals has revolutionised the world of self-care and virtual hospital. It has surely realized a dream that still seemed distant to mankind. It is a grand step that VBRI has taken towards its goal of minimizing the barriers like distance in the access to healthcare.

VBRI develops Customized Solutions
Customized Solutions

VBRI develops healthcare-specific platforms and tools that fulfill various needs and improve healthcare provider productivity. Our solutions help healthcare organizations perform better. These solutions can help the internal resources of a healthcare provider respond very quickly to the patients and their ailments. Our team of experts has developed solutions that are tailor-made for the healthcare industry. If you are a healthcare service provider and looking to optimize your resources, then VBRI is the place for you.

We customize our solutions and also build new ones for you keeping in mind the requirements of your workspace. We help you optimize processes, ensure continuance, and implement all the protective measures in your workspace and make you a quality healthcare service provider. Our solutions are tried and tested to improve the services of a healthcare provider exponentially.

e-visit to your doctor and get the valuable insights any time

The convenience of the patients is our priority and we work extensively to ensure that. With our advanced products like mHospitals, we bring the services to you in the comfort of your homes. Instead of going out and spending valuable resources like time, money, and energy, you can simply make an e-visit to your doctor and get the valuable insights any time. These e-visits are small examples of what technology can do in the healthcare sector. We, at VBRI, strive to implement new-age technology to improve the accessibility of quality healthcare. It is our mission to create zero distance between the patients and secure healthcare. The technology that has been developed today has shown tremendous potential and VBRI is helping facilitate that development in the healthcare sector.

Why VBRI for healthcare?

If you are a medical facility, a daycare center, a clinic, or a primary healthcare center that is looking to improve its productivity, then VBRI is the place for you.

Improving your productivity
  • Improved patient insights
  • Smooth integration of patient-related data
  • Enhanced communication among the staff members
  • Easy preparation of comprehensive Electronic Health Records
Abundant experience
  • Innovative solutions- VBRI is widely known for its innovative solutions
  • Experience in the industry- Highly experienced hands develop solutions and services for you with extreme care
  • Reliable- VBRI is committed to bringing a change in the society. Our aim is to help people live longer and comfortable lives

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