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appearing within, are for informational and entertainment purposes only. It actually makes the rifle dangerous. I just Dremeled down the two ribs in the A3 pack, and the HTM now has a new home. Id rather spend the rest of the money on other accessories (shell deflector, charging handle, 42rnd mags, better extractor, rail, Viridian X5L or a Surefire light) and ammo. They did, I got one, and its excellent; I hope to post a review soon! I kept the neu-trigger because it took out the grittiness and lightened the pull a tiny bit (maybe 1-1.5lbs). MSAR STG: 8.5 Lbs dropped to 6.25 Lbs again, remarkably smoother pull. "Great product. -ARID President, J. Carr. Great for 50 yards all day long. I know they are both made by Ratworx. Matt cut and bent a small tab of thin steel to wrap around the sear, producing a metal-on-plastic interface at this high-pressure sticking point. *The trigger spring doubles as the . I can't imagine any AUG shooter not having a Trigger Tamer! There is always a flyer when using plinking ammo. Joined Aug 10, 2012 Messages 550 Likes 106. . The following image shows a trigger pack with the Trigger Tamer installed on the left and a standard trigger pack on the right. I am however going to try one of Ratworx's new hammer packs as I have always been impressed with the replacment parts that they come out with. ], Pingback: EmptorMaven Blog Archive Steyr AUG/A3 USA, Pingback: EmptorMaven Blog Archive Kel-Tec RFB .308 Bullpup. They're bothattractive until you learn their real flaws. ***Not all generations of Steyr AUG stocks are made by the same OEM, and the process used to assemble them does not ensure that precise tolerance patterns are maintained during the molding/sonic welding process. It was easy to install and cheap considering its only $35. For more information go to Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Unfortunately this is a complicated piece you cant just snip a few coils from it and nobody manufactures a replacement spring thats any lighter. Instructions were great too. All rights reserved. Click to expand. . Required fields are marked *. The stock hammer pack's trigger pull averaged about 10.66 lbs, the Trigger Tamer - pack about 9.5 lbs, and the HTM <drum roll> 5.75 lbs ! Well, it doesn't work correctly. I absolutely love my HTM trigger, but the lack of a bolt release pin notch does suck. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Best combo I have hit on so far is 2020 sear with one hammer spring removed. Pingback: EmptorMaven Blog Archive RAT WORX Hybrid Trigger Mod: The Best AUG Trigger. I'm chock full of spite and vitriol over that kludge that won't operate the bolt release. The combination would create excessive sear engagement. I could not verify whether this had actually happened, though. In short it works. Who could say no to that? I am going to shoot the AUG for the first time with this mod installed and will compare my groups. If. Discover now the best deals and amazing prices. The Misophonia Trigger Tamer has a recorder and good sound editor built into it, but for the Visual Trigger Tamer, you will need to use other programs to record and edit your triggers. . After a web search, I decided on the $60.00 Trigger Tamer, found at No, the Trigger Tamer product is all about shooting. Founded in 2020, ARID Concepts is an organization dedicated to the comprehensive engineering and industrial design of armament technology. Made in the U.S. of A. are they being imported? With the Gear Head Works charging handle all the optics in the world are now open to me. -User configured Semi Auto Overtravel stop, used to eliminate overtravel of the Trigger when used with an OEM trigger pack. I've decided on a NEU trigger and have now tried contacting the NEU trigger guy several times via email, no response. I was able to greatly reduce the size of my groups. A friend of mine spotted his "market research . The trigger pack, factory sear and aftermarket sear have been mailed in at my dime (both ways) to ratworx to have both sears properly fitted to the trigger pack. In all seriousness, commie rifles arent as bad as you would think. After I installed the Trigger Tamer in my AUG the trigger pull was more than 3 pounds lighter, going from about 9 pounds to under 6. Hmm, I see. I dont know anything about them but have heard of them a few timed. You can even get your money back if you don't like the color. pull. By purchasing this part, you assume responsibility for the proper installation, use and maintenance of your AUG trigger assembly, and will not hold ARID LLC responsible for performance and/or safetyissues reasonably precipitated by negligence, irresponsible handling, on/off safe use, or user error during install, calibration, modifcation, and use with OEM or Modified Steyr AUG trigger packs.We recommend following established weapon safety rules, maintaining positive control of your weapon, and to keep the weapon on safe until you are ready to fire.We want AUG users that purchase these modules to have the best possible experience, and so we offer customer service, install services and armorer services/advice. Nevertheless its a clever device that shows the shortcomings of plastic triggers! Full Member. But for the real world sport shooter, the six pound pull is the perfect "Goldilocks" "just right" setting that lets your rifle operate reliably in every respect. Also recommend adding a Neu-Trigger to the AUG as its about $30 and makes the factory trigger that much nicer. It is designed to function with Standard AND NATO pattern stocks, and may require hand fitting to optimize. Trigger Tamer - Drops the pull to 6lbs. Can you link that trigger tamer? Overall: * * * * * Steyr did not consider it worthwhile to create a smoother or lighter trigger for their semi-automatic-only trigger packs. Committee Consideration On July 20, 2022, the Committee met in open session and ordered the bill, H.R. For this feature to be reliable in the field the AUG was designed with a long and heavy trigger to avoid unintentional full-auto discharges. JavaScript is disabled. Low-cost, color injection molded, folding back-up sight . That's why I am kinda on the fence. I am thinking that it will involve either stainless steel parts or a lightened trigger/hammer spring. Now lay that 2 MOA dot over it, which is greater than 4 inches MOA at 250 yards. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Designed in Austria. The materials Shown here @ TnSteyr Including any Part's show, episode, guest appearance, etc. New AUG has bolt release paddle above the mag well on the left side of the receiver. After installing the Trigger Tammer (took about 30 minutes to figure out and install), we found that the hinge pin would not stay locked. With that in mind Im leaning towards the trigger tamer for the reduced pull as it feels fairly smooth as is. Fantastic rifle! One of the big downsides of a bullpop is the weird trigger. It is designed tofunction with Standard AND NATO pattern stocks, and may require hand fitting to optimize. My experience mirrors yours. Reply. This article explains, elegantly, the Neu-Trigger, Trigger Tamer and Rat Worx HTM trigger mods for the Steyr AUG (link at the bottom of the page for the Rat Worx product). When I first gotmy AUG, I was frustrated withits miserable trigger, and looked for solutions to lighten that overweight pull. Im working my way up the waiting list for a 2020 Hybrid Trigger Module (apparently its quite a wait!) Trigger is a lot better than stock. Share This: The Steyr AUG is a legendary firearm that has been in service around the world for about 30 years. . On top of this, it took about 10 pounds of trigger pull to actuate the trigger. What makes a good trigger (where good means it is safe, repeatable, breaks consistently, with good ergonomics of no creep, little over-travel, crisp reset, etc) is an issue apart from the actual pull weight. Somehow, the Delrin material we use is even smoother and slicker than the original Steyr AUG part. Or for precise shooting its two stage is pure heaven. The thing to be aware of is that you will shoot better with a heavy trigger that has little take-up, then a light trigger than has a long creep. Ease of insertion: Yuck. In addition, our Delrin part is so tough and strong that we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee against breakage, wear, and any other problem. Ifthat collectorhas the cojones to get out and shoot full rock-n-roll with his museum piece, shouldn'tall AUG owners get those "safe queens" out to the range? This part is covered by patent #7,165,352. There is surely a patent on the AR trigger but why not design and manufacture one for the PS90? Again. I will explain the origin of the AUGs bad trigger as well as steps that can be taken to improve it. When combining these two parts you will also have reset issues. Steyr_AUG. 2) There actual slack the trigger was moving back and forth about 5 mm. So to address the first issue I got a new charging handle that sits at a different angle and allows me to mount whichever optic I so choose without the fear of losing all the skin on my knuckles. More than a company, we are a community of designers, engineers, veterans, civilian consumers and professionals from diverse backgrounds, committed to the development and fielding of innovative products. For more information go to In the standard trigger pack this sets the uncocked trigger weight at 5 pounds; with the Trigger Tamer that falls to 2 pounds. Searching the internet shows many instances from 2021 of people having to remove material from the trigger . Well, I am no longer on the fence. A mandatory upgrade for serious shooters. Is the trigger tamer compatible for the m1 a3 NATO variant ? Steyr AUG: 10.75 Lbs dropped to 8.5 Lbs and the pull is remarkably smoother. Your original part will install back in just as easily, and you can continue giving your trigger finger the unmatched muscle-building workout offered by the heavy original trigger. it's not a 2-stage pull, just a long single stage pull). New AUG's upper receiver has interchangeable rail/factory optics. Two of the three w/over 1K rds each have been 100% w/both Prvi Partizan & Silver Bear, the third had extraction problems which MSAR fixed ASAP. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do this at your own risk! Contact for questions and assistance.We do Offer Dealer/BulkPricing. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Add to Compare. If you enjoy the forum please consider supporting it by signing up for aNES Membership The benefits pay for the membership many times over. Thanks Aaron! COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. Dont forget about the CQC mod from PJS. Might start getting into a local run-and-gun group that does a cash pot prize. Satisfying shooting, precise shooting,fun shooting. For me, further eye surgery would be needed. Typical bullpup trigger but it improves significantly w/use and the AUG Trigger Tamer is available as well. The product is aptly called the Trigger Tamer, it cuts the trigger weight down by a third and smooths it out quite a bit. From the website, this is what it looks like: Here are some of my impressions regarding this addition to the the trigger pack: Your email address will not be published. Designed in house, this trigger module replaces the OEM Steyr AUG trigger, improving upon the original component functions. If you have more than one AUG or USR rifle, or have friends who are also looking for a better AUG trigger, be sure to consider the great deals on 3-packs and dealer 10-packs at the order page. Thus was born the Trigger Tamer(TM)drop-in part, and AUG shooters will never be the same again. The binary trigger system is an extremely viable option. Most peoples perceptions of what constitutes a bad trigger has to do with the tactile feedback theyre getting as they pull, the length of the pull, the amount of overtravel, etc. Well, if you don't like it, don't worry, because you cansend it back and get every penny refunded,including theshipping costs that are included in the price. We are absolutely pleased with this design, and we're happy to finally offer it to the public.Disclaimer:The ARID Trigger is not drop safe per Steyr AUS standards for drop testing. Firearms Patent Attorney. If it aint from America it is commie-made. The ARID Trigger is not drop safe per Steyr AUS standards for drop testing. Though the after-market for the AUG is limited, it does exist, and with a couple parts this rifle can be near perfect. 4oz over 10 pulls with a digital Lyman gauge. just like a Glock. I have measured others that will not even . Notify me of follow-up comments by email. NO PAIN. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Love LOVE LOVE my ratworx sear. If I like it I will buy another and have 3 stock hammer packs for a backup. With its standard 16-inch barrel, the AUG is only 27.2 inches long, approximately 6 inches shorter than a 16-inch AR with its . With the TSM the trigger is noticeably lighter (though still fairly stiff), Take-up is very small, let-off is crisp, and over-travel is about zilch! Curious as to your thoughts. This new white-colored part hidden deep in your rifle may not match the original AUG green (or black), but who cares when you get real operational improvements? It doesn't rise to the level of the Shooting Sight complete trigger pack on my Tavor, but it's a huge improvement by taking up slack, improving pull, and eliminating creep. We do not Assist In any illegal action or building of nfa items We support Legal builds and ownership and ownership to continue advancing 2A rights. While these only reduce the trigger weight by a few ounces he claims they substantially smooth out the trigger action. One new winner* is announced every week! The pin would have to come out of the A3 pack anyway. The crap triggers shipped with tacti-kewl guns created an entire business for Geissele. RAT WORX made the clever design decision to build this . Thanks for proving my point. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. Cobracutter Gunny Sergeant. Just called today to order the Hybrid Trigger Mod.. There are too many variables to install, calibration, and performance using a combined assembly of multiple modified parts to determine mechanical safety factors of drop safe performance. The sample Trigger Tamer I received had a rough finish and was unable to return the Bolt Retaining Lock under so little spring force until I sanded both sides smooth with 400-grit paper. So, there you have it. Can be removed easily without dissassebly of the trigger system. I ended up keeping the neu-trigger but did not like the trigger tamer enough to keep it installed for these reasons: 1) Subjective 5lb trigger felt too light At 100 yards? Required fields are marked *. The era of every best thing being from America has long passed if it ever even existed. (Suppressor and adapter manufacturer. When ON SAFE, the trigger is physically prevented from travelling aft, and is therefore mechanically disconnected from the OEM pack, having no bearing on the sear if dropped on the butt of the rifle.ON SAFE, a Steyr AUG rifle with an ARID trigger will not perform differently from an OEM Trigger, combined with an OEM Trigger Pack. OK I get it. No more fighting the trigger every step of the way, now it just goes to a nice wall and breaks like glass. The Trigger Tamer works well, but the 2020 Precision Trigger Sear makes the trigger basically match-grade. Please contact us at anytime if you have questions or need assistance.WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. I lovedmy AUG, but hated its trigger. That does not get changed out, right? Yeah, I bought the 2020 sear from Ratworx, and it has been more than sufficient for making the AUG trigger truly functional. Smooth pull and . This was done on purpose to ensure the AUG had AK type qualities for loose tolerances to allow draining of the stock body. All these amazing features make it one perfect casual outerwear to get compliments from your fashion friends. When used in conjunction with a well known product, the AUG is capable of a 3 Lbs trigger. Note that it is important not to use any petroleum-based lubricants here since they could dissolve or weaken the plastic. Its proof that bullpups dont have to have bad triggers like people say the existing bullpups just come from the factory with bad triggers for some reason. The difference in smoothness and pull weight is amaizing from such a simple idea and costruction. The sample Trigger Tamer I received had a rough finish and was unable to return the Bolt Retaining Lock under so little spring force until I sanded both sides smooth with 400-grit paper. I got the Neu-Trigger and it works great. Feb 28, 2006 2,187 7 NOVA . The RAT WORX HTM "Hybrid Trigger Mod" is a drop-in replacement for AUG and MSAR trigger packs. The hammer would not reset. Trigger pull is around 8 pds, but very crisp. I am very hopeful I can get my hands on one. Here's why: The trigger's increased mass reduces the inertial threshold needed to overcome the trigger packs drop safe features in the event of a butt strike. It has been around for years and is super easy to install and it will lower the trigger pull from about 9 lbs to 5-6 and make a noticeable difference in the way you can get the most accuracy out of the rifle. The size, weight distribution, ease of maintenance, and versatility would make this carbine a great self defense rifle or patrol carbine. ", "It's Amazing. Its lightness is great for pulling through it fast and not even noticing its a two-stage for rapid fire shooting. Review: Trigger Tammer for the Steyr AUG or USR. That's the magic of a bullpup. As you can imagine, a 3 Lbs trigger is not safe but it is possible. The Austrians were never commies. ", "It's Awesome! RAT WORX made the clever design decision to build this upgrade around a standard AR-15 trigger group, which they suggest will allow users to tap the extensive market for AR-15 parts to further customize it. Called the AUG Z SP (SP indicating its straight-pull, manual action) the rifle is radical looking to say the least. Before you bought the 2020 did you try out Neu Trigger or the other one? What if after trying out a Trigger Tamer in your AUG you just don't like the smoother, lighter trigger pull? Two whole generations of American shooters got spoiled by how nice a Garand/M1A trigger could be made, and I find younger shooters have little idea of what a really fine trigger actually feels like. Would it be safe to use the Neu-Trigger and Trigger Tamer together? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But the Trigger Spring also presses against the Bolt Retaining Lock, which keeps the Bolt Retaining Pin from sliding out and the back of the rifle from falling apart. Second, the trigger is quite literally the worst bullpup trigger Ive ever experienced. Unfortunately, there are some misguided AUG owners who think that the proper place for a great rifle is in a box, never to befired as God intended. Seems like an interesting design, I very much like the idea of front ejection. I wouldn't do both, personally. Now that the charging handle and trigger are overcome the AUG has attained bullpup nirvana. Your email address will not be published. Trigger Tamer. If you cant wait for the HTM then, especially given that youre not feeling sticking or stacking, Trigger Tamer is your best option. I suppose you might also use the original pull weight if you were going on patrol through heavy brush, or in any other circumstance away from a controlled shooting range, or where the trigger might accidentally be contacted. I must be real lucky. I am fifty and my eyes are just starting to lose their ability to read really small print. The group you are showing us is by the 9, correct? Too many people think that a trigger has to be down around 1 to 3 pounds to be a crisp trigger. When you look at the directions, you will see a single sheet with 12 steps and 8 pictures, plus one diagram. Disclaimer: I own an AUG A3 NATO, I like it, and I wont bandy words about it. Nice ingenious idea. ", "The difference in trigger pull is amazing! My name is on the list. by doing a butt stock drop test. The Trigger Tamer came and I dropped it in. The Rat Worx has made the trigger in my AUG way better, then again, I'm primarily used to mil surp triggers, so most stuff is nice by comparison. Installation of the charging handle was actually pretty easy. A metallic match-grade trigger pack where all critical interfaces can be held to higher tolerances, polished, and lubricated to produce a trigger pull as light and smooth as we can get on any other quality rifle. STEYR AUG Buttstock Takedown Pin, With Sling Swivel, Austrian, 5.56/.223 *Good* Out of stock. Be sure to enter theNES/MFS March Giveaway ***Taurus G3c***. The Steyr AUG (Armee-Universal-Gewehr) began development in the late 1960s as a replacement for the StG 58, a licensed produced FN-FAL. I just got my two 20/20 units from Ratworx in two days. What I noticed and did not like, at all was the very clunky, long draw, sloppy snap of the trigger pull. Banned ! Don't understand it. The hearing explored the facts and data on gun violence and a range of policy proposals to reduce gun violence, including an assault weapons ban. A Trigger Spring 3 pounds lighter than the current standard. People keep asking I want a light trigger! and when I measure their trigger weights, theyre quite often in the 4 to 7 pound area. -The position detents on the safety have been deepened to provide an audible and tactile indication of position change.