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The Gladiators are committed to having a positive influence and impact on the Greater Atlanta community. 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd. Giving stock, mutual funds, or other securities can help you avoid capital gains taxes while providing important support to the Garden. If you feel your organization meets this criteria, please provide the following information: All requests must be received at least four weeks in advance of the event date. '6c2072657175697265642020223e0a3c6c6162656c20666f723d22656d61696c223e456d61696c20416464726573733c2f6c6162656c3e0a3c696e70757420747970653d22656d61696c222069643d22656d61696c22206e616d'+ '74652d75726c3d222f726571756573742d666f722d646f6e6174696f6e2d73706f6e736f72736869702f646973636f756e742d636f64652d76616c696461746522203e0a3c696e70757420747970653d2268696464656e22206e'+ Designed to immerse owners and enthusiasts alike in the ultimate sports car experience, there's something for everyone on our campus: Sharpen your skills on multiple different modules on our driver development course. '65637420612046696c653c2f627574746f6e3e0a3c2f6469763e0a3c756c20636c6173733d2266696c65732d6c697374223e0a0a3c2f756c3e0a0a0a3c2f6669656c647365743e0a3c2f6c693e3c6c692069643d226365727469'+ Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta takes pride in our support of nonprofit organizations and schools both locally and across the country. //width: 100% !important; . We believe the most effective way to do that is to invest our contribution dollars and volunteers in strategic efforts that help those at risk reach their functional capacity as successful, independent citizens. '636f676e6974696f6e5f746861745f6d61795f696e636c7564655f7468655f7573655f6f665f6f75725f6c6f676f5f6d656469615f636f7665726167655f70726f6772616d5f6164766572746973656d656e745f646973706c61'+ '4d6564696122202f3e20536f6369616c204d656469613c2f6c6162656c3e3c2f6c693e3c6c693e3c6c6162656c3e0a3c696e70757420747970653d22636865636b626f78222069643d2269665f7965735f706c656173655f7365'+ Selecting a state or city link will redirect you to a new page. Wynn Resorts reserves the right, to suspend, change or terminate this application process at any time and without notice. opacity:0 !important; * Indicates Required Field. or 404-888-GROW (4769), membership@atlantabg.org '636c6173733d2266696c65732d616374696f6e73223e0a3c627574746f6e20636c6173733d222220747970653d22627574746f6e223e53656c65637420612046696c653c2f627574746f6e3e0a3c2f6469763e0a3c756c20636c'+ We are not responsible for the content or accessibility of any third party sites. Application Guidelines. Organization must be registered as 501(c)(3) - no third party requests. Upload failed. Name of Charity or Organization. Red Robin is dedicated to giving back to the communities that we serve. Atlanta, GA 30309. 2) Please include all the pertinent specifics of your organizations event. It would also be helpful to understand your fundraising goals. If you would like to request a donation please fill out the form on our website 60 days prior to the event. As of December 23 . The Atlanta Braves are proud to support numerous charitable organizations throughout Braves Country that are dedicated to making a difference in our community. '795f6f725f6f746865725f61636b6e6f776c6564676d656e745d5b5d222076616c75653d225765627369746522202f3e20576562736974653c2f6c6162656c3e3c2f6c693e3c6c693e3c6c6162656c3e0a3c696e707574207479'+ '20796f752772652072657175657374696e6720616e203c753e696e2d6b696e6420646f6e6174696f6e204f4e4c593c2f753e20706c6561736520646f206e6f7420757365207468697320666f726d3b20706c6561736520757365'+ '69735f726571756573742220646174612d73686f772d747970653d222176616c75652220646174612d73686f772d76616c75653d22596573223e0a3c6c6162656c20666f723d226576656e745f6c6f636174696f6e223e4c6f63'+ '73733d222022207469746c653d2244617465206f66206576656e74223e0a0a0a3c2f6c693e3c6c692069643d226576656e745f6c6f636174696f6e2d636f6e7461696e65722220636c6173733d22746578742072657175697265'+ The standard Atlanta History Center donation is one Family Guest Pass, valid for two adults and up to four youth under the age of 18, and has a $115 value. Atlanta Motor Speedway considers requests from organizations based in the state of Georgia that provide services to children and/or adults battling a terminal illness or living with a disability. If you have a donation request, please fill out and submit the donation request form in detail. We do not sponsor events. '2d72657175697265642d6669656c6422207374796c653d22646973706c61793a206e6f6e653b223e69732072657175697265643c2f7370616e3e0a3c2f666f726d3e'; All requests must be submitted online through the below form. Since 2003, K1 Speed makes strides to give back to the community through support and in-kind donations to local organizations. While AMS does not grant monetary donations and is not able to fulfill all donation requests, your organization may qualify for a grant from Speedway Children's Charities. Request Ticket Donations for Your Next Fundraiser. 1280 Peachtree St NE Atlanta, GA 30309. To apply for funding, please go to the link below. We are not responsible for the content or accessibility of any third party sites. Sponsorships & Donations. Publix Charities Giving. Due to the high volume of donation requests recevied this year, we are unable to take phone calls or emails regarding the status of your request. Do more good with a complementary auction basket! Each year the Atlanta Gladiators Foundation supports not-for-profit and civic organizations within the metro Atlanta area who are seeking to raise funds for their organization. All organizations eligible for a Big Sky Resort in-kind donation must adhere to the following criteria: The receiving organization must have a non-profit 501(c)(3) classification; All requests for community support in the form of grants, sponsorships or beverage product, for consideration by The Coca-Cola Company, The Coca-Cola Foundation or any of its affiliated regional foundations must be submitted through this online application system. The following programs are not eligible: non-profits that receive grants/funding such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, PTAs (Parent Teacher Association)/social committees or activities, Churches and/or church youth groups. '653d22666f726d5b696e2d6b696e645f646f6e6174696f6e5f7265717565737465645f69665f6170706c696361626c655d2220636c6173733d2220202220646174612d646f6d61696e3d227765662e77796e6e7265736f727473'+ '3c6669656c647365743e0a3c6c6567656e643e0a3c7370616e3e446f657320796f7572206f7267616e697a6174696f6e206861766520616e207570636f6d696e67206576656e74206173736f6369617465642077697468207468'+ '70653d22636865636b626f78222069643d2269665f7965735f706c656173655f73656c6563745f616c6c5f646f6e6f725f7265636f676e6974696f6e5f746861745f6d61795f696e636c7564655f7468655f7573655f6f665f6f'+ 'https://':'http://') + 'secure.wufoo.com/scripts/embed/form.js'; s.onload = s.onreadystatechange = function() { var rs = this.readyState; if (rs) if (rs != 'complete') if (rs != 'loaded') return; try { p147trn01udpr3e = new WufooForm(); p147trn01udpr3e.initialize(options); p147trn01udpr3e.display(); } catch (e) { } }; var scr = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0], par = scr.parentNode; par.insertBefore(s, scr); })(document, 'script'); var x4un6y15o85j5; (function(d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t), options = { 'userName':'atlantabg', 'formHash':'x4un6y15o85j5', 'autoResize':true, 'height':'984', 'async':true, 'host':'wufoo.com', 'header':'show', 'ssl':true }; s.src = ('https:' == d.location.protocol ? .plp-header div[data-component="standalone-nav"] [data-component="plp-subnav"].fixed-subnav .plp-subnav-logo-white { '636f6d696e675f6576656e745f6173736f6369617465645f776974685f746869735f726571756573745d5b5d222076616c75653d224e6f22202f3e204e6f3c2f6c6162656c3e3c2f6c693e0a3c2f756c3e0a0a3c2f6669656c64'+ To apply for funding, please go to the link below. '733d22223e446f6e6174696f6e20526571756573743c2f68323e3c756c3e3c6c692069643d2270726f70657274795f746861745f7468655f726571756573745f69735f73706563696669635f746f5f656e636f72655f626f7374'+ Update your cookie settings for this site. Your application must also include the following relating to your organization: Please note that all requests from organizations located in Massachusetts must also inlude the following: Requests received for corporate funding or in-kind donations for events outside of our local communities may be considered; however, priority will be given to events benefiting the communities in which we currently operate -- Southern Nevada, Massachusetts, and Macau SAR. Your submission has been received! Due to the large number of requests received, only requests from 501(c)3 non-profit . This includes in-kind food and cash donations to provide meals for individuals and families in need. . The Home of Speed in the Heart of the South. padding-top:0 !important; '783d22302220646174612d6669656c642d69643d226164646974696f6e616c5f737570706f72742220646174612d706174683d2277796e6e766f6c756e74656572223e0a3c6669656c647365743e0a3c6c6567656e643e3c7370'+ '6572206974656d732d3620636865636b626f78657320726571756972656420206c696d697465642220646174612d73686f772d6f6e3d22646f65735f796f75725f6f7267616e697a6174696f6e5f686176655f616e5f7570636f'+ #leftNavigation ul ul ul li a.active:hover, .plp-resort-item .slick-slide { .template-interest-page [data-component="digex-subnav"], As America . Buy Photos Donation Request About Contact Jobs FAQs Partners. '6c61725f616d6f756e7422206e616d653d22666f726d5b646f6c6c61725f616d6f756e745d222076616c75653d222220706c616365686f6c6465723d222220636c6173733d222022207469746c653d22446f6c6c617220416d6f'+ @media screen and (min-width: 1024px) { opacity:0 !important; '676f5f6d656469615f636f7665726167655f70726f6772616d5f6164766572746973656d656e745f646973706c61795f6f725f6f746865725f61636b6e6f776c6564676d656e745d5b5d222076616c75653d22536f6369616c20'+ - Your request (size of donation or flight package - Event date - Type of event (live auction, silent auction, raffle, etc.) Atlanta, Georgia 30339. '3c2f6c6567656e643e0a3c64697620636c6173733d2266696c65732d616374696f6e73223e0a3c627574746f6e20636c6173733d222220747970653d22627574746f6e223e53656c65637420612046696c653c2f627574746f6e'+ Listen live or on-demand, stay on top of the latest news, submit a prayer request, make a donation and more. With the type of interest and demand we experience for our events, we are forced to make selections and provide a limited number of donations to the many organizations that submit a request. 404-876-5859. Georgia Due to the large number of donation requests that we receive, inquiries sent via any manner other than the donation request form below may not be considered. We do not offer cash donations, but are happy to offer park admission for approved requests. '73656d656e745f646973706c61795f6f725f6f746865725f61636b6e6f776c6564676d656e742d3022206e616d653d22666f726d5b69665f7965735f706c656173655f73656c6563745f616c6c5f646f6e6f725f7265636f676e'+ top: 0; Mission of Charity or Organization. All donation requests must be submitted online through the form below. } Charity or Organization Website. Attach your organization's letterhead or proof of 501 (c) (3) status as a single PDF or Word document. Organizations are limited to one request within a 12-month period. . Atlanta, Georgia 30309. Applicants will not be notified if their request is denied. - A maximum of one request per organization will be honored per fiscal year. The organization requesting the donation will be contacted by email, regardless of whether or not the request is approved. opacity:1 !important; '6f5f6d656469615f636f7665726167655f70726f6772616d5f6164766572746973656d656e745f646973706c61795f6f725f6f746865725f61636b6e6f776c6564676d656e74223e0a0a0a3c6669656c647365743e0a3c6c6567'+ (Day & Date, Time, Location, Number in . color: #000; With the type of interest and demand we experience for our events, we are forced to make selections and provide a limited number of donations to the many organizations that submit a request. Join race fans around the world who receive race updates, promotions and special offers from Atlanta Motor Speedway, RAPTOR King of Tough 250 and Fr8 208 Doubleheader. MEDIA CONTACT: GREY FOX PR. '64662c646f632c646f63782c786c732c786c73782c7070742c707074782c7a69702c7478742220646174612d6d61783d22302220646174612d6669656c642d69643d227369676e65645f5f64617465645f77392220646174612d'+ High Museum of Art. Something went wrong while submitting the form. The value of these tickets is $60. '627574746f6e20636c6173733d222220747970653d22627574746f6e223e53656c65637420612046696c653c2f627574746f6e3e0a3c2f6469763e0a3c756c20636c6173733d2266696c65732d6c697374223e0a0a3c2f756c3e'+ We're committed to supporting communities in good and challenging times. Before making your request, please review the rules below. LEARN MORE. Items are not to be used as a door prize, a volunteer recognition gift, donations to for-profit entities or individuals, or for any other purpose that does not directly raise money, unless you are requesting an item from a promotional night i.e. Donation Request Form. '6162656c3e3c696e70757420747970653d2274657874222069643d227469746c65616666696c696174696f6e22206e616d653d22666f726d5b7469746c65616666696c696174696f6e5d222076616c75653d222220706c616365'+ Accept all cookie used by us or third party partners for better performance, analytics, advertising. To verify if your organization qualifies, or for more information please emailfundraiser@quiktrip.com. .plp-offers-wrapper .plp-offer-text h3 { Due to the time and effort required to consider and process each request with care, please provide at least 45 days' notice. Donation Requests. '6c6563745f616c6c5f646f6e6f725f7265636f676e6974696f6e5f746861745f6d61795f696e636c7564655f7468655f7573655f6f665f6f75725f6c6f676f5f6d656469615f636f7665726167655f70726f6772616d5f616476'+ Follow Us. #leftNavigation ul ul li a:focus, Treetop Quest is involved in helping the Community and local events. .template-interest-page [data-component="digex-nav"], To give a gift of stock, please contact Katie Sharrard at (404) 585-2015 or ksharrard . '73655f75706c6f61645f796f75725f73706f6e736f72736869705f6465636b2220646174612d706174683d2277796e6e766f6c756e746565722220646174612d73686f772d6f6e3d22646f65735f796f75725f6f7267616e697a'+ '67616e697a6174696f6e5f6e616d652d636f6e7461696e65722220636c6173733d22746578742072657175697265642020223e0a3c6c6162656c20666f723d226f7267616e697a6174696f6e5f6e616d65223e4f7267616e697a'+ Organizations and charities are limited to one donation request per tournament year. In doing so, we have made it our chosen responsibility to support causes that benefit and grow charities that help special needs children and their families. In order to request an in-kind donation, we kindly ask verified 501c3 organizations follow the guidelines listed below: If you have not received a response within two weeks of your event, please email [emailprotected]. '5f6f746865725f61636b6e6f776c6564676d656e745d5b5d222076616c75653d2250726f6772616d204164766572746973656d656e7422202f3e2050726f6772616d204164766572746973656d656e743c2f6c6162656c3e3c2f'+ '5f746f5f3530305f776f7264732d636f6e7461696e65722220636c6173733d227465787461726561207265717569726564202020223e0a3c6c6162656c20666f723d22706c656173655f64657363726962655f686f775f746869'+ r='';i=0;while(i