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-Why submit your proposals on VBRI Press

Zero Processing charges

Unlike other publication houses, VBRI does not charge any article processing charges from the authors. Our primary aim is to give worthy authors a well-deserved platform for their work.

Highly indexed journals

VBRI’s journals are highly indexed. This indexing speaks for the scientific quality of these journals. Thus, VBRI gives your articles a widely respected platform.

Wide reach

The journals published by VBRI enjoy a wide audience. Thus, submitting your journals to us helps you gain the kind of readership that you must be looking for.

Trained Editorial Team

Our editorial team is scientifically trained. We follow all the ethics guidelines and the code of conduct to make sure that the publication integrity is maintained.

High quality

Every article that we publish is peer-reviewed and examined by our editors. Therefore, if your article gets selected, it finds a place among the best of the lot.

Subscription Content

VBRI Press is a not-for-profit organization and hence we do not charge any kind of fees from the authors or our readers. However, to obtain the hard copy of any journal or book published by VBRI, you are required to subscribe and pay a minimal fee.

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Note:- Supported file types: .doc, .docx and .pdf
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