Translational Research

VBRI, a research organization, works to promote and utilize Translational Research for the welfare of society. Our work in this field does not just create new tools and technology, it transforms and shapes lifestyles. VBRI works extensively on clinical researches and field trials to upgrade the conventional tools and technology, especially in the sectors of healthcare, energy, and environment, in order to make a tangible difference in the lives of the people.

VBRI vision for Translational Research

Our Vision for Translational Research

VBRI’s vision is to make a substantial difference in the lives of people. We plan on transforming human life to the greatest extent possible through new-age technology. We strive to constantly innovate in the sectors of healthcare, energy, and environment through our translational research and findings. We have an absolute belief that the biggest of our accomplishments lie in the smallest of differences that we make in society. We pride ourselves on working in rural areas, trying to improve the worsening conditions of healthcare. We recognize the potential for improvement that these areas have. Therefore, it is our vision to capitalise on the existing technology, invent new ones, and refine the quality of human life in rural areas to the utmost extent.

Our mission for Translational Research

VBRI endeavours to bring innovative tools and methods based on new-age technology to society. Our team of technocrats and researchers is spread around the world, and their main focus is on doing research to substantially improve healthcare services, energy, and environment. Our commitment to work has resulted in our work spanning from clinical trials to field trials, and much more. VBRI’s experts utilize their knowledge and the findings from these trials to enhance the tools and technology in healthcare, energy, environment. Our translational research models in the past have been setting standards in the industry, in terms of enhancement of rural life. Our vision lies at the core of everything we do. VBRI’s primary objective has always been to capitalise on new-age technology and offer innovative solutions to the sectors of energy, healthcare, and environment. We take new-age technology to the areas that need it the most, and also have huge potential for enhancement and development. Today’s society deserves effective tools and technology; and we, along with our technocrats, endeavour to develop these tools for society.

VBRI Mission for Translational research

Our offerings on Intellectual Property Rights:

The genesis of all that we do, is based on innovation. Therefore, we understand how valuable intellect is. We are a comprehensive consultancy and offer a wide range of services on Intellectual Property Rights.

Lately, the intellect has transformed into a form of currency and its protection is of utmost importance. Our team of technocrats and researchers is well-versed with all the stringent Intellectual Property Rights and laws in place to help you protect this currency. We consider it a duty of ours to help our clients get the required Intellectual Property Right.

With the profound domain knowledge of Patents, Trademarks, Trade secrets, Copyrights, and abundant experience from the past, our team offers you the highest quality of services on Intellectual Property Rights.

We extend our services on Intellectual Property Rights to a wide spectrum of issues in the sectors of energy, environment, and healthcare.

Because of our extensive work on field trials and research, we have a sea of experience in all the sectors of Intellectual Property Rights and laws. The relationships that we have forged over the years span through the entire world. We have an international reach that expands all through the globe. Our team has been instrumental in taking a lot of products and tools to the next level by helping them obtain the Intellectual Property Rights of the right type, in the right time, and with the best consultancy.

Our offerings on Field Trials

"Test your new tools, technologies, and creations to the best standards in the industry."

To take your new tool, technology, or any other innovation to the market, you need to test them in supervised field trials, under appropriate geographic conditions and demographic factors. VBRI provides you with field trials of global standards in the energy, environment, and healthcare sectors. With a vast experience of conducting field trials, we are a specialist organization in the industry. In the past, we have been instrumental in testing a lot of products effectively.

Our competence speaks for us as a testing partner. With the findings of field trials, our team of technocrats and researchers provide you with the best possible solutions for enhancement of your products and better results. We have a wide and comprehensive range of field trials, which includes:

  • Pilot Trials
  • Area-specific Field Trials
  • Mass Field Trials
  • Product comparison trials
  • Utility and Durability trials

Why choose VBRI?

Why choose VBRI?
  • As an experienced organization, our field trials comply with all the national and international requirements and standards. We adopt Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and harmonized application techniques to conduct all the field trials.
  • With the new-age technology and world-class equipment used in the trials, we ensure that your product is more than ready for the market.
  • With our team of highly experienced technocrats and researchers, you get the best possible solutions, for any changes required in your product.
  • Our field trials compare the findings of your test to others on a large scale and thus provide you with an idea of the global ranking of your product.

Our offerings on Industrialization

"Turn your ideas into products under the aegis and guidance of world-class technocrats and researchers."

Our offerings on Industrialization

VBRI provides technical leadership and consultancy services in major markets like energy, environment, and healthcare. Our technocrats and engineers make sure that your ideas get materialized into products. We help you grapple with all the constraints on the road leading from designing phase to mass production.

Galloping is the pace at which healthcare, energy, and environment sectors are getting industrialized. Keeping pace with this huge transition, VBRI has been providing technical consultancy and has become a leader in the industry.

Our consultancy processes involve well-outlined milestones to achieve the highest possible quality. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative solutions to our clients.

VBRI’s team of researchers boasts of the knowledge of the newest manufacturing methods and market trends.

What makes us better?

What makes us better?
  • With erudite and competent teams of technocrats, VBRI ensures that your product meets safety ratings, durability and that it survives in the market.
  • Our extensive work with field trials and IPRs has resulted in advanced proficiency in skills and knowledge, thus enabling us to put our clients’ products in a venerable place in the market.
  • Our work on technological innovations so far has enriched us with a profound understanding of society and a rich customer base. We use this knowledge to make your products customer-friendly.

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