VBRI’s workshops comprise scientific meetings and training sessions

VBRI’s workshops comprise scientific meetings and training sessions that bring together academia and industry representatives to discuss their latest research and products with an audience from the related fields. VBRI organizes its workshops across different locations, institutes, and organizations to encourage the sharing of knowledge and provide training to individuals, teams, and organizations on many topics of science and technology. Our workshops support training for all career stages and disciplines and are organized by some of the most well-known scientists in the world

When one thinks of a workshop, you can’t help but visualize a boring lecture where the expert who is never seen before by the attendees and might never be seen again spends a few hours in sharing his knowledge or doing a product demo followed by a small question-answer session by the end of which everybody(including the presenter) is happy that the workshop got over.

VBRI structures its workshops in a different way, where the interaction is not the last part of the workshop. Instead, the complete workshop is carried out like an interactive session where the presenter and attendees discuss their thoughts, research, products, etc. and the attendees get a first-hand experience of the latest technology, research activity or product use. The overall experience then becomes more like an ingrained memory rather than a forgettable formal lecture.

Benefits of VBRI Workshops

  • Share your products or the latest technology with your audience
  • Leverage the interactive workshop format to build long term networks
  • Use the real-time voting tools to get feedback from attendees not willing to speak up
  • Develop new ways of thinking through the interactive workshop sessions
  • Identify thought leaders and innovators from the attendees to include in your team
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